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Department Badges πŸ†’ ✌🏻

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Department Badges πŸ†’ ✌🏻 support ball crystal bookworm mailchimp logos triangle impossible product badges badge design

Monday?? Again??

This is the second part of my first project at MailChimp. I was tasked with creating a logo system that the various teams and departments within MailChimp could use for self-identification around the company. I wanted to create a distinct graphic that each team could be pretty jazzed about that also spoke to what they did within the company. Each of these lil babies has a distinct concept that (hopefully) helps communicate, even to outsiders, what it is that team does. Some are defo more obvious than others, but unfortunately not everything can be a magical crystal ball of product enlightenment.

This batch completes the set! Collect them all!

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