Wait – Add Waiting Time Flow (iPhone)

Hey Dribbblers,

Thanks for checking out my shot! I am continuing my 'posting old projects' challenge and today I am sharing the Add Waiting Time flow from the Wait iOS app that I have worked on in 2015.

We've really drilled down to the essentials here - any unnecessary feature had to go. As a result you can see a simple interface that allows for just the basics that are so important to this app – discovering venues around you, seeing the waiting times and adding your waiting time. I've strived to make the 'Add Waiting Tine' flow as simple and straightforward as possible - once you arrive at the venue, you want to do your thing and don't have time to waste to fill out a massive questionnaire.

Check out the attachment to see all the pixels in their glory.

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Posted on May 1, 2017
Phil Amour
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