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I have been putting off making myself a website for a while, i just never have the time.. I decided to atleast get myself a temporary contact page put together. All the aim is basicaly for a link to my twitter/dribbble profiles and a simple, clean email form.

Now, i have NO experience what so ever with html/css and the like so as far as i know i dont think you can even have a contact form with a transparent background since i have not seen any like that before, but it would be nice. I would find a way to make it look like it can actually be typed in.. have not really thought that far yet ha.

Its missing a red ink stamp, I would like it to be of some kind of logo for myself which isn't something i have designed yet.
I have been considering downscaling the whole thing and using smaller text, what are your thoughts on this?

So.. now comes the part where i have to learn some html & css... knowing me i wont get round to it lol

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