Stack Exchange Android app with Adobe Xd

Some days ago I decided to try Adobe Xd. I use Sketch for UI work and Adobe Xd, with its current set of features, still has a long path to follow but I had quite a fun exercise with it.

I'm a daily user of Stack Exchange's User Experience community and usually I check its mobile app. But, the Android version of the app is really lame in terms of look and overall experience.

So, I decided to merge two opportunities: redesign the Stack Exchange Android app while using Adobe Xd :)
The final result was made while using Google Material Design components since I believe that the core essence of Stack Exchange app is the content, regardless if it has a shinny and unique look & feel. So, no need to create something from scratch, just use visual elements of a very good made framework and see how Adobe Xd handles with it :)
Let me know your feedback about it!

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

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