Poster Explorations

I had a few hours to think about posters illustrating the design principles our team came up with and play around with the Riso printer.

You can see some of my process in the attachments. I played around for a bit, had an idea about showing a path through the mountains for the "Make the complex beautifully clear" principle and found the 3 lines and the circle on their own having a strong character. From there, I tried to come up with a metaphor for all 5 principles with 3 lines and a circle. With that done, I noticed the circles were almost on a wave and adjusted those to line up and tie the series together. I tried to few things for 03 Adapt and grow, but when I ran out of time I went for the safe option.

I'll probably try out a few other styles as well when I have some more time.

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Posted on Apr 13, 2017

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