Rethinking UX of parent-teacher conferences

Working on classtag we discovered an interesting problem: there is a big gap in organizing parent-teacher conferences online. There is no app to organize and manage pt conferences that is simple and scalable for different teacher needs.

So we started talking with both teachers and parents.

For teacher it is important to have a way to set available time, invite parents, to see at a glance who have signed up and who didn't, message them, and all of that in one or two simple steps.

Teacher starts from calendar and selecting date, than going into a week view and setting time slots with a single click. That's it, pt conference is created. ClassTag creates event, notifies parents and sends emails to them. Teacher is available to manage time slots and make "extra call" for parents who didn't sign up.


According to Entrepreneur magazine we have built one of the most important and revolutionary apps in edtech world in 2016/17.

Boris Milosevic
Product Designer focused on fintech, currently @ REIN∙ai

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