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Hey Dribbble - been a while!
Over the last year I've had the privilege to work with Shazam and Sun Broadcast on the Shazam for Radio product.

And now I can finally share this project with you guys..drumroll plz bdbdbdbdbdbd...

Presenting Shazam Showcase! A dynamic web app built to Showcase Shazam Experiences in an easy to use, low friction environment.
I designed and coded this myself using the very awesome mediaelement.js library for the audio player. Figuring out how to load the player dynamically was a really fun challenge and I definitely feel like I leveled up on this project as a developer.
I'll be sharing more shots soon, as well as a full case study on my new website once it's been completed.
p.s. Special thanks to all the testers who put up with me during this project <3 Stan

Showcase on github https://github.com/stanleyjos/ShazamShowcase

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