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ZSOiT open days – poster modernism identity identification visual pattern yellow kowal przemek school days open poster

I was responsible for creating visual identity for open days. I decided to go with something unique. I thought that modernism is a great inspiration in that case. Usage of font that has "swiss character" makes things even better. Whole project is based on strong typography, with little additional elements like colours.

My idea was simple – we had to change everything. As you might know or not, changing anything in polish school is really difficult. I was thinking few times about dropping that project. After long fight and struggle some of materials (posters and flyer) had been printed, and others (like way finding system) hadn't.

Personaly I was really into that – I had great fun while designing those items. Overall experienced would be great, if only school had any respect for my time.

Every year our school has something called "open days". Those are few days in a school year in which you can come to us and decide whether you want to learn there or not.

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