Diverse UI: Image Management and v2 Announcement!

Back at it again with the diverse images! We’ve taken the past few months to collect feedback and implement it (like the ability to manage your photo shown here). Today we’re excited to announce Diverse UI v2! We’ve got a lot of new things for you:

💎 Sketch Plugin - Now it’s even easier to use Diverse UI in your design flow 🙌

💁 Facebook Auth - We’re now collecting images via Facebook auth, which makes it easier for everyone!

💻 API - We have an API for your developing pleasure - build cool things like this guy who made an NPM package 😎

👉 We know that some of the original images and gender identities weren’t great, so we’re going to remove all the old data from our site as soon as we get enough new submissions to replace it (90 days max). We’ve made it easy on our end, now we need you to help us by spreading the word and submitting! 📣

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Posted on Apr 5, 2017

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