🕰 This piece is from 2017—I like to keep older pieces around on Dribbble because they're still fun.

Measure is a Chrome extension measuring typographic line lengths right from the page.

🔗 You can install it on Chrome here

The "measure" being the width of a body of type, its length of course impacts how readable the text is. Generally speaking, a good measure is between 45–80 characters per line. This little tool helps you find it with a simple click in the toolbar and highlight of a line of text. Measure will display the character count of your selected line in a little tooltip.

And that’s it. Simple, but really helpful.

Previously I’ve seen people copy lines of text out into a word counting website or external app, or in worst cases, clicking at the start of a line and counting frantically while holding shift and pressing the right cursor key.

Measure can make it easy to be more precise when creating for the web.

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

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