Danny Giebe

Finesse Bankathon App

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Finesse Bankathon App bank money dashboard finance charts fintech

I was part of the Bankathon 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. We had 2 days to build a product for the finance industry and came up with finesse. I was responsible for the concept & design with a Friend and I think we did pretty well in 2 days. This is just the start screen you would see, when you enter the app. It basically shows your current account amount and the forecast for the next month, calculated by your transactions and behavior. We also build the prototype for iOS in Swift. The vision for Finesse is basically a personal finance adviser, focused on your overall money, contracts and less on the single transactions from your account. Users should be able to decide fast, if they can afford something they want to buy or not, as people often don't really estimate, if there is enough left in the next month or not. The focus really is the forecast. Hit 'L' if you like it :)

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