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Spring is blossoming around filling the hearts with freshness and romance. Hope you feel that mood too. Today's shot is also full of those vibes: it features the animated version of the simple and elegant wedding theme which we presented recently. Users can concentrate there all the information about their wedding in one place: set the venue and date, create and send custom invitations, share the news with friends via social networks, set the photo gallery for pics from the preparation process to the actual wedding, write quick blog posts and make the guest book for fast communication and review. The design reflects the mood with pastel color palette and light airy layout as well as smooth unobtrusive animation. To see all the details, check out the rebounded shot with the full static version. Wish you Monday full of love!

To share more ideas we get working on design projects and concepts, we regularly update Tubik Blog with new articles. The latest one presents the Case Study: Big City Guide. Landing Page Design. Join in!

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