021 - Home Monitoring Dashboard

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021   home monitoring dashboard dribbble

Day 021 of DailyUI challenge.

Home Monitoring Dashboard

Very basic home monitoring layout. Home temperature is the most important dial. That is why it is large and in the center.

The lower portion of the dial will be active when the A/c is on.


Here's what the icons are (clockwise starting at top):

badge icon means security system / alarm = set means its all ready
leaf icon means air quality = green means go 😉
wall camera means security cameras = "ON" means they are working
water drip means humidity / moisture in the air = color of water drop will change with comfort levels
center dial means current temperature inside the house

I wanted an easy way to tell if the home monitoring system is set to HOME or AWAY. That is what the indicator in the top right is for.

Bottom right is a button to add another monitor to the dashboard. Maybe an additional Nest camera, or a Co2 monitor, etc.

Hope you like it friends

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