Crunch! – The LESS editor and compiler


HIDE YO SCRIPTS! HIDE YO BYTES! The V.1 beta of Crunch is out now!

Crunch is the ultimate editor for LESS files. It colour codes like you'd expect a css file to, and the built in compiler means you never have to rely on client side javascript to render your LESS files!

Crunch is a great way to work MORE with LESS. By being built on Adobe Air, it's always cross-platform. Oh, also, I should mention, it's free.

Anybody who uses LESS already knows how beneficial to the coding process it is, but for those of you who haven't, learn about it here:

Try Crunch, the (free) LESS Editor and Compiler :D :D :D

(Also... roll over the logo. I think that's the most fun thing I've ever put on a website)


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