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Commute - watchOS 4.0 - Apple Watch

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Commute - watchOS 4.0 - Apple Watch apple watch up next apple ios 11 watchos

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When the Apple Watch was announced in September 2014, I couldn't wait to have Apple's first truly wearable device. However over the last 2 years have been left disappointed with the UX Design Flow of WatchOS.

So I decided to do something about it. I created design map for the repurposing of the existing hardware buttons on the Apple Watch, and how simply design tweaks could make the User Interface much easier to interact with quickly.

I have highly 5 Areas where the Apple Watch could really improve:

1. App Screen Layout - Create an easier, more logical App Grid to select apps, thus encouraging users to engage with the amazing Apps already on the Watch Platform.

2. Intelligent Watch Faces - Using Geo Fenced locations and Machine learning the Apple Watch should show you what you need to see when you need to see it.

3. Up Next Assistant - The left hand of the Apple Watch Face is wasted, the digital crown is a great input controller, but it is not being used the way it should be. This feature would enable users to stay on track with the day's events as a truly smart assistant should.

4. "Read It To Me" Mode - Apple Watch has a speaker, a small speaker but a speaker. So why Apple makes people ready notifications and Siri replies as textual responses does not make sense. Use the speaker and make it easier for eyes-free engagement.

5. Third Party Watch Faces - This is probably already on the WatchOS 4.0 roadmap, but I've suggested a structured system to allow for Third Party Apps to create Watch Faces that encourage quick interactions, being able to displayed by default or based on time or location.

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