Driveway App for iOS & Android

So here's it is! The last 6 months has been time dedicated to redesigning and engineering the Driveway products. The bulk of work was defining a white label design system that mirrors each code base. Once we green lit features for v1, a few weeks were spent chatting between design x engineering to come up with internal terms for editable assets for each product.

As for what Driveway does, we understand your driving habits and send back a detailed report of each trip. Speeding, hard breaking, and cornering. The proprietary algorithm interprets GPS, accelerometer, pyrometer and magnetmeter signals into driving data.

The bread and butter of our tech is phone handling detection. Texting. Typing. Tapping. Don't touch your phone while you drive. We don't want that.

Also with your vehicle's VIN in the app, we'll notify you when it's time for service and maintenance with a detailed list of inspections.

AND this is all done 100% from your smarty phone. There's nothing to plug into your car. Download and go. We're slowly rolling out with select partners so YOU can't get it just yet unless you're on the right insurance in the right place.

The app is done. It's pretty. Drive well and get better insurance.

I've attached a few screens from the Android build for your eyes to take a look at.

Party on!


Greg Christian
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