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Designed and prototyped (link below) a concept app that helps you find things to do in your area. Activities, idea spots to bring your significant other for a date night, places to go have a drink and so on...

The app can be your wingman or your social buddy that gives you ideas on how to spend your day. Information and directions can be sent to your phone, added to calendar, etc. Here's a very quick video on how it works.

Obviously there's several services that can do this, but it's crowded and overflowing with features based on my experience. Take yelp for example. Just trying to see how I can simplify things and get to information faster. Please note that I haven't thought of all the edge-cases when designing this.

I simply did it for the reason to practice Principle a little more. I wanted to try doing something with the 'drag' function.

Since I can't upload anything over 10MB to Dribbble. I uploaded the Principle prototype/animation file to Dropbox. Take a look at here:


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Thank you, hope you like it! :)

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