Create Task Screen

The "Create Task Screen" will be used by our users to create on-demand tasks on our dashboard.

Creation of tasks is a tiresome and complicated process because of the amount of variables and fields involved in it. To make it simple for our users this screen breaks it down into steps, giving the process more clarity and structure.

This screen also gives users the option to create task templates for future use, Manually/auto assign riders to a task, add multiple visits and edit the delivery locations on the map.

Another that I added to help the users is the popping-out of the current active field, I feel in longer forms it's better if user concentrates on one field at a time rather than getting overwhelmed with the amount of data he has to fill.

Do check the higher pixels :)

Posted on Mar 6, 2017
Vaibhav Bhasin
Designing the Future of Mobility @Gojek

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