Question: Did I make you look?

What happens on a whiteboard, doesn't always STAY on a whiteboard.

What you're looking at is the header of a campaign dedicated to a recruitment related product.

We have a very, very small team. Currently, I'm a designer, copywriter, front-end developer for a pretty big corporate. We build and maintain several apps for the dental industry, built over the past 15 years. This spans from e-learning, to customer satisfaction surveys, practice management apps, real estate, recruitment, compliance... and a tonne more.

Run with it!

So sometimes, we have to make do with what little we have. This means you try and get from campaign brainstorm session to live website + email + social media, within hours, not days.

It's fun, because stripping away all the tweaking, editing and pixel pushing means you get to see the concept stand out more. Design becomes more about having a solid idea to build a campaign on, than about perfect execution.

This leaves more room for iteration. Gives you the ability to take bigger risks. Fall down go boom, get up and kick ass.

FELLOW DESIGNERS! There are multiple ways to use that creative brain of yours! Try this approach sometime. Just come up with a good idea, realise it as fast as you can. Screw the details. Give it to 'm RAW! :)

Dirk van Boxtel
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