Unsemantic word


The site is now live…



Just toying with a wordmark idea.

I took some liberties modifying the glyphs of the Rokkit font...



To answer "Why?" — One of my pet peeves is when people use the (not a real) word "unsemantic" to tear down the work of other developers, or as justification why (not) to use a particular framework (or CMS).

I'm sure you've heard some permutation of this before:

"That class name is 'unsemantic' because..."

What's funny to me is that class names cannot affect the semantics of a document, one way or another — except in the case of Microformats, which is a brilliantly clever hack, but not the original intent of class="foobar".

To fill that need nowadays, there is RDFa, Schema.org, as well as ARIA roles to aid in accessibility.

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