The Ultimate Ampersand

The ultimate ampersand

... my absolutely favorite ampersand!

A few words regarding this outstandingly beautiful example of a »Classical French Didot Style Ampersand«:

This ampersand is part of a replica of the legendary»Pistilli Roman« typeface, collaboratively designed by Herb Lubalin and John Pistilli between 1949 and 1964.
(you may find its history here:

In March 2009 »Veer« released a replica of this typeface, designed by Jason Walcott (JUKEBOX). When I purchased the license—I think it was two days after its release—the name of the font file, respectively the name of the typeface, was »Pistilli Roman«. A few days later the same »Pistilli Roman Replica« was renamed to »Eloquent«—maybe for trademark or copyright reasons. Today—as type obsessed nerd—I’m proud to have the original, »Pistilli Roman« named font file of this replica on my hard disk.

Currently I’m working on a logo for my personal T-shirt with this ampersand in use.


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