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I’ve been a part of Zajno for about 2 years now, but since I’m not a designer or a developer, it’s kind of hard for me to post shots on Dribbble. But then it hit me - I need to show the process of building out the information architecture for a product Zajno team has been working on. I was not the one who actually implemented this wireframe design, it was Zajno team members, and I’d like to thank them for helping me out. What I did though, was thinking the thing through and directing the team.

While working with this client I spent a lot of time on research, discussing the data with both client and Zajno team members, doing interviews with people in the field, such as math professors and railway workers (the product is for the railway infrastructure), as well as ideating and thinking through the solutions.

This shot represents an initial version of the product information architecture Zajno team came up with. I’m really proud of what the product became later on and this wouldn’t have happened without teamwork.

Thanks to Michał Ptaszyński for inspiration!

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