Splitz - a simple app for splitting expenses

I've had this project on the back-burner for a while now. I wanted to make a very simple, bare-bones app to make splitting group expenses easy.

Over a year ago, I started building this app while teaching myself how to program in Swift. I had a fully-functional prototype working, but I ran into a few roadblocks. I ended up abandoning the project.

However, over the holidays I got the itch to learn Ruby on Rails and I picked up the project again. I've done a lot of work in Rails apps over the years as a designer and front-end developer, so I had a decent understanding of the anatomy of a Rails app. There were still a ton of gaps to fill in on the back-end side, but I had a blast working on this project. I designed and developed the entire thing by myself, and learned so much while doing it.

The app is now live in beta. It's a simple, modest app that is designed to do one thing well. Check it out – I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


Posted on Feb 23, 2017
Ryan Langlois
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