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What makes you inspired? If it's visual arts, then perhaps we will share some inspiration with you via our fresh shot. It adds another view on the design concept for Night in Berlin, the simple app which enables active and sociable people to see the list of all the events taking place in Berlin on the current day. One of the previous shots featured the list of events and this time we present its animated version showing the interactions. The data is organized along the cards for every event, which users can review scrolling vertically. Each card shows the key details about the event: its type, title and the time when it starts as well as the thematic image in the background. Being interested, the user can tap on the card and see more details about the event. Get inspired!

To share more ideas we get working on design projects and concepts, we regularly update Tubik Blog with new articles. The latest article gives the insights into the issue of Color in Design: Influence on Users’ Actions.
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