Hi guys (and gals),

Since i had started posting examples to The Interaction Library, I've been contacted by many people who asked for the source files to some of my works and recently it's become even more frequent of a case. I don't mind sharing and decided to make it more accessible for everyone who eager to learn.

Now i'll be posting source files every now and then so stay tuned for the updates. Sorry for a possible mess within those layers, initially i was doing it for myself:) I hope you still find it valuable tho.

This time i wanted to cover the case where you store items within a sections. Each item wld have a few (or more) shiny pictures in addition of hidden description and extra possible actions.

This approach can easily be used for pretty much any set of items you want to show an extra stuff of without spending a valuable time by getting to separate page(and back). Those might be documents, tickets, aforedepicted market items, hotels etc.

P.s. Thanks for hitting "L" if you like it, this will tell me to keep designing more of it. Have an awesome day everyone!

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