Jamie McCue

Propeller One App

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Propeller One App

First draft of the Propeller One App one pager. Designed in the browser using Middleman, SASS and simplegrid.io. A simple design that we can iterate on as new resources come available. Responsible for the copy writing, layout and coding.

Propeller One is a tailor-made software solution for aircraft owners and operators. We created Propeller One so aircraft owners and operators could focus on advancing their business and not worry about regulatory paperwork, audits, or complicated systems.

Our customers got into aviation because they love airplanes. After 20 years on the job they still do, but now the daily reality is paperwork, compliance, deadlines and the pressure to do everything as cheaply and as safely as possible. That's why we built Propeller One: to give you control back over your operations and let you focus on the parts of aviation you love.


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