Blue Jackets Score: February 7, 2017

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Blue Jackets Score: February 7, 2017 infographics nhl sports minimal data data visualization hockey blue jackets columbus score

Game 52 / Check out the whole project here

Game Highlights:

Sometimes there is poetic justice in sports. Tonight was one of those nights.

-After Detroit scored first in the period the Jackets came back with 2 goals of their own to end the first 20.
-Unfourtunately nearly halfway through the second period Detroit (the NHL-worst power play team) actually scored on a PP and tied it up.
-The whole game was an epic battle of bodies. In fact, at one point Josh Anderson took an unsuspecting crash from an open ice hit. He didn't see it coming and a Red Wing snapped him right in the head. He left the game shortly after and was put through concussion protocol. No penalty was called.
-This is where the justice comes in: we are now in OT, 2 to 2 and both teams are playing their hearts out. It's just good hockey to watch. Then Wings captain Zetterberg started taking the puck toward the CBJ net and SNAP, his stick was broken on a pretty clear slash from Dubs. No call was made. The Jackets took the puck and boom, goal. Game over.

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