Brisfest Speaker T-Shirt


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Here's a t-shirt design I've done for the Brisfest festival, which very happily I might add, is moving from Bristol City Centre to Ashton Court for 2012.

The brief was that any designs had to include imagery that represents the festival and its new green location, and had to ‘do what it says on the tin’ i.e. shout ‘festival’ at a glance.

There's no reference to Ashton Court in this one, and also being there's no stag less of a green message as well. Instead, on this one I went for well known Bristol buildings such The Wills Memorial Building, Cabot Tower and Colston Hall. The hope was that the speakers were reference enough for people to know, even without the name across the front, that it was a musical event in Bristol.

The full design can be seen on the attachment. Any thoughts, as always, would be greatly appreciated.

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