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Music is one of most emotional things for human. And I was thinking how to increase that within interface.
One of my thoughts was creating empathy by artificial intelligence and neural networks.
I mean what if it could analyze music, its characteristic and then just create design by itself, create storytelling, giving right mood to user?
Sounds fantastic. Therefore I made some design exploration within that.
I hope something like that would be more realistic to implement in the future.

The sphere is representing as core of this player. I wanted implement most minimalist way, making main focus to only one element and giving to it all control (all interactions is applicable to whole scene, not to the shape only).

It could be difficult to imagine how it works however. That is interesting interaction, so I think I’ll create continuity of this later and show it.

Also maybe that player is too experimental. Can you say in comments, would you use something like that in real life?

I was using X-Particles plugin for C4D and After Effects.

Hope you like it
Check my other experiments :)

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