My biz cards. I know that *technically* shots are s'posed to be stuff we're currently working on, but my arrival to the Courts is a long time coming, so hopefully you won't mind a few older bits and bobs.

I define ATOMICvibe as the "a-HA!" moment of creative clarity. Like nuclear fusion, it's when tiny ideas coalesce, then explode into beautiful design. Inspired by imagery from the Atomic Age, the logo visually depicts this reaction, as A- and V-shaped hands converge, discharging a creative shockwave.

To maintain this aesthetic, the biz cards were printed via letterpress, an inherently imperfect printing method. Additional printing techniques include: custom hexagonal die-cut, deeply sculptural spot varnish, custom duplexing on heavy paper, brilliant fluorescence of Pantone 805. Electric. Boogie-woogie-woogie.

atomicvibe design lab
The fusion of art and science.

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