#16 Dashboard Navigation

Hi all,

The deal is that when i saw this amazing shot by talented Aurélien Salomon, i figured i'd try to project this pattern into perspective of statistic data driven UI.

Today i'd like to share some thoughts on how that interaction might help to manage a complex navigation within dashboard infographics.


This shot is a part of so called interaction library that has a few main purposes:
- Quick access to the example of a generic interaction you can quickly share with your client to get a reference point on the table;
- It’s easy to select and implement a behavior type that would be suitable for a particular project you work on, as i’ll try for them to serve a typical UX need;
- I will as well try to cover the most interesting and non-standard approaches to explore relatively fresh behaviors so we all stay mainstreamed and aware;
- I do love create nice and smooth interactions and so now i have a chance of doing that independently of the project i currently work on most of my time :)

P.s. Thanks for hitting "L" if you like it, this will tell me to keep designing more of it!

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