Notefile window buttons

Notefile for mac

I love Dashboard (like I had to tell you that), but for a while now it has been a bit ignored. Especially recently—there's no place for widgets in the Mac App Store, and because of that it looks like there will be no iCloud support for widgets. So I decided it was time to at least start learning how to make a full Mac app, so I have more options.

It's shocking how completely different similar frameworks are in Cocoa compared to Cocoa Touch. Lion's view-based tables helped a lot here, but even if you go Lion-only there are major differences.

Right now I'm trying to come up with some custom window buttons that communicate clearly but aren't too obtrusive. I think I'm fairly happy with these.

I considered getting rid of the non-essential buttons (minimize and zoom), or even moving them, but I think keeping them in this configuration is important in making it clear what they do. Especially since I'll also have a larger plus icon (without a circle) in the bottom corner, for adding a new note.

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