Good, Cheap & Fast: pick two!

Hey players!

I've seen friends sharing something similar on Facebook and Twitter and I thought I'd create my own version, which I think I am going to be sending to my clients from now on 😄...

You know why? Most people don't realize that good services usually aren't cheap, particularly when they want things right away. And if they are really looking for something quick and cheap, of course the outcome won't be nearly as good.

Well... we just can't have everything in life, can we? Ha!

So here's what I think:

⏳ Good + Cheap = Sure. Just be patient, okay?
💵 Good + Fast = Premium service for you. But won't be cheap.
👎🏻 Cheap + Fast = I guess quality is not your priority.
🚫 Good + Cheap + Fast = Nope. Sorry, not gonna happen.

Do you guys agree? Let me know your thoughts on the comments below.

This isn't an original work, the idea isn't mine but I had lots of fun working on it.

And don't forget to checkout the attachments for a sneak peek on the prototyping process on Principle.

Wanna play with the source files? Go right ahead and download them below:



Cheers 🤘🏻

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