Chroma Cursors for Windows

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I have been with Razer for over a year now, time flies. Just to drop a note to everyone that this is not an official Razer mouse cursor for Windows. I created this set of Chroma-ish cursors as a fan of the company that I work for during my free time. I took this opportunity to learn how to make custom Windows cursor, I mean why not? Similarly, like the iOS Razer custom keyboard, I did years ago before I join the company just to continue learning.

So if you love these cursors and using Windows OS, do feel free to download the zip and use them! Let me know if you want me to fix any of them.

Update 30 Jan 2018
- Updated Handwriting to animated chroma version
- Updated Precision Select graphic
- Updated Busy animation to be faster
- Slight tweak to Help Select
- Added White theme cursors
- Added smaller size cursors

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Posted on Feb 2, 2017
Glimy 🍭
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