The Clique

The clique

TL; DR Version :

Pixellated version of the characters from my life. Starting off with a Rah clique from the North East of England. Inspired by Sword and Sworcery, Michael Myers and Harry Harrison's Original Eight bit characters.

Unabridged Version :

I have a story to tell. I relocated to North East England for my undergraduate studies. Once I was here, I have been bumping into all these interesting people every other day. Starting from the lazy eyed girl with a Macbook Pro who sat opposite to me in my first ever train travel in Britain, there has been a menagerie of people who I distinctly remember for their qualities. Here is how I met the posh students of Newcastle.

I frequent this cornershop which my friends run. As I was hanging around here one day, 3 students walk in. I've been reading up a bit about students in Newcastle and I distinctly remembered what it mentioned about the 'Rahs'. At the first sight from their designer apparels, I was able to guess that this might one such group. And a short conversation that I had with them seals the deal. The cliquish nature is what struck me. So this gave me the idea to draw people up and ascribe their qualities in pixels. Its my attempt at identifying idiosyncrasies. Here is what I think is the social dynamic of the group, the guy in the middle is an alpha, beta side kick on left and alpha female on right. Alright, that was me predicting with a few minutes eye contact and I might have been totally wrong. But its a lot of fun to draw people in pixels and I found them ones to be apt to kick start this series. Thus starts the series of pixellated characters from my life. Thanks for reading :)

Here is a view to look closely at the details :

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