Google: Indoor map and floor direction

This is my take as part of our mini challenge :)

The theme was: Navigation

Are you like me?
Got confused by the naming of Ground floor, Upper floor...
wait now wait... I thought I was on the first floor.
You are so in a hurry that the floor is confusing you,,, yet the app is not helping either in telling where I am!

Are you like me?
I am in a middle of a shopping spree and you want to go to this shop and the result was: It's two floors above you (I assumed :p) well the app is not helping me to give the direction... wait how do I go up? Where? and... I ended up lost on that floor /LOL

Sometimes, It feels like it is way easier and faster to ask people around than asking the app for direction. Well like they say,,, local knows better, right?

This is my answer to google maps, especially indoor map.
A continuation to my other shot: sadly i can't attach more than 1 shot :(
The color I use is still google alike...
How I approach is maybe just my way of saying Hello to my dribbble community.

Thank Uber, the source of my inspiration.
Thanks Google, you made me confuse.

Once again hahaha let me say thanks to my fellow @Azís Pradana for the invite. And @Dimas Wibowo yang selalu ganggu... silahkan liat debut shot saya di page lain yak!
Wait for next to come and rebounds!

Posted on Jan 27, 2017

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