Vladimir Gorshkov

Ux Team Identity and Presentation

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Ux Team Identity and Presentation internal team brand team brand corporate ux team identity ux team ux ui ux identity

It's been over a year since I've moved to UX@Cvent and I can share some of the identity I've created for the whole team to use.

Our UX Team brand brings in bright color combination, borrowing the main Cvent blue as the connection to our mother brand. We're reflecting the look and feel of what's to come into future Cvent interfaces and experiences. I also brought in few corporate elements, like the gray tone photography.

This is a sample of presentation template that serves as a main document creation process for all new and future projects. The team uses our own brand to create an importance around what we do, why it's a big deal and to elevate our own standards.

Our UX Team has used this identity for almost a year now, and I am so excited to have been part of it since the beginning. It will continue to evolve. I think any creative team should have their visual brand that unites us, almost like a branch from company's main corporate brand.

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