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One Love People Coffeehouse - logo

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One Love People Coffeehouse - logo sticker package design illustrator custom font handletter bob marley coffee shop coffeehouse

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A friend owns a coffeehouse and asked me to do some marketing for her. We started with her logo. She had a generic logo made by a local vinyl vendor that meant nothing to her. One of the things that she really enjoys is doodling and writing. So, I had her write out lots of different words that spread across both things in the shop, but also across the alphabet. From this, I created a custom font that we would then go on to use on lots of things.

I have attached the logo, the sample words I scanned in to create the font, a mockup of a label idea she had, and a photo of the stickers we had printed with StickerMule to go on the mason jars she uses as her glasses (dishwasher safe stickers!).

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