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Hi dribes,

Last week i created a landing page for Wavycloud, as we know there are some variations of “Landing page” that leads to our goals.

after designing some elements, such as: form, Call To Action (CTA) button and define goals and metrics. based on our goals, we decided to create "Lead Capture Page"

1. The form shown, it needs to be carefully designed, because it’s the center of attention.

2. Copywriting on this “lead capture page” hopefully be able to explain the product or service properly, so the visitors who are interested will click the CTA button.

3. We removed the Navigation links, to not distract visitors from our goals.

4. We also include success stories from customer gaining values from Wavycloud

This interface is not the final design yet, will get some improvement after the A/B testing. Stay tuned for the updates. Show some love by pressing “L”


See the Behance Case Study Here

If you have any suggestions, or questions. I’m open to discuss it. Don’t be stranger *wink

Thank you,
Fariz M.

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