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Hello Dribbble! - Typography Combination

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Hello Dribbble! - Typography Combination debut software type typography web app app application

Hello, Dribbblers!

Finally became part of Dribbble—thanks to @Tommy Chandra for inviting me 🔥. Definitely check his work out. They are stupid gorgeous 💪.

This is the first web app that I built from scratch while learning to code on January 2016. It's a typography combination app.

You can input several variables (typeface, font weight, color, etc) and the computer will automatically generate all combinations based on your input.

This way, you don't need to manually changing colors, fonts, sizes while doing projects. Just enter what you like, scroll, and iterate the one you pleased with.

It's live on 👉! I know it's not perfect— but I'm excited for you guys to play around and give feedback for improvement! 😁

Lastly, let's be friend on Twitter on Instagram! I can be reached on @philipyoungg from both platform. Ciao! 🌎

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