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Joining Unfold

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Howdy Everyone,

As of Monday, I'm officially partnering up with @unfold and joining full time. It's somewhat sad to start a new chapter in life because you've ended the previous one.

@Mossio has been a tremendous impact on my life as a designer, communicator & leader. I've had the privilege of working on some things that matter, with @Corey Haggard, @Jerett Patterson and @Peter Deltondo and the rest of the team. Such fabulous and talented people and the times we've had will not be forgotten. Just wanted to say thank you. I truly appreciate it all and hope the very best for Mossio. Gonna miss you guys!

I've rebounded the shot when I joined Mossio!

With that said, we have some exciting projects we'll be starting soon with the unfold team and looking forward to start sharing them. I've also started the "daily" ui challenge, you can follow it here. Keep an eye out for the next one :)

Thanks for looking and reading!

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