Rainbow Dragon Ferrets - Rainbow Torus Spirals ( 7 / 7 )

This is it. This is my favorite animation in the set. Because it looks like Ferrets that are wrestling. But these aren't any normal Ferrets. Do you see how their fur is matted into clumps that look a little like scales? Early human explorers to the Continent of Rainbows often mistook these creatures as miniature Dragons sneaking and slinking around, because those humans were never fast enough to see the Ferrets' cute faces. I was lucky enough to capture video of these majestic creatures for the first time, but they were shy and hiding their faces. They sneakily escaped when I put my camera away, before I could lure them close and cuddle them.

This is design number 7 of 7 in a series named "Rainbow Torus Spirals", where the color palette and solid shaded objects were inspired by the works of Florian de Looij.

Florian's wonderful works:

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