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The most recent iterations of the product pages for the Nothing Else e-commerce site. The main challenge on this page is communicating the existence of other flavours in the same family without drawing attention away from the main CTA. Previous iterations of this design used a toggle mechanism to switch between products, but this solution lacked the ability to show an image of the product, and was too subtle to be noticed easily.

The other challenge is more of a logistics problem; how to allow customers to select different quantities of the same product, as determined by the manufacturer, while functioning within the constraints of our Shopify backend. To solve this, I designed a modal window that you can check out in the attachment which houses purchasing CTAs for each quantity, each of which is its own product. This allows us to be sure we can fulfill the packaging and shipping requirements with no surprises. Potentially I need to improve the clarity of this process for users.

As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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