Dancing milk

Getting srsly excited for the Simple as Milk launch/comeback/cuddlefest and I'm so proud and excited to be part of it!

Do you know anyone looking for a team of beautiful souls to work on their next project? or do you just need a big warm hug? Well, I have good news! We got designers, we got illustrators, we got brand builders, we got copy writers, we got those coders who code stuff and stuff! AND! get this ... we are all HECKIN' LOVELY! We are currently on the look out for 3 things

1. Super fun new projects to get us all giddy!
2. Clients who want to make awesomeness all night long
3. Friends! we want to fall in love and share hot chocolate in the moonlight together, if you are afraid of love, don't worry, we have James. His way with words and sexy man tattoos will take away your fear of heartbreak and make you feel whole again.



Disclaimer: James can do non of the above, be he will sure try! ... but even when he tries, you will probably need some time with a therapist or something? Because to be honest, he will cause more damage and you shouldn't trust him with your love.

Just ignore the James bit

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