Locus : Edit Plan Screen

Its been forever since i've posted anything on dribbble. Well there's a lot thats been cooking in the locus kitchen all this while. Here's something to start with:

The Edit plan screen is used to view and edit tours of various riders which were generated by Locus' algorithms.

Major highlights of this redesign were:

- Gant charts were made scalable for clients with over 20 tasks per tour by adding a timeline zoom control on the bottom to avoid cluttering of tasks.

- Allocation of tasks was made easy by implementing drag and drop on the map.

- Clusters are highlighted when a task comes in the vicinity of a tour while dragging

- A slideup panel was added for handling unallocated tasks so that when not in use it doesn't obstruct the regular flow

- Preview mode was added where users can try out various edits and then decide if to implement them.

- A summary view was fixed on the top so the users can see what effect their edits are having on the plan

- Tasks in the tour with alerts were highlighted in orange to grab attention

Hope you guys like it
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