#14 Sub Level Slider

Hello Dribbblers,

Right/left slide for cards is no longer any innovation but what if we give it some flexibility?

This time i wanted to bring your attention on some benefits that can be received by using additional gestures within sliding behavior of UI elements.

This way a user can give more accurate feedback which, in some cases, can be beneficial for both creators of the app and the users themselves.

Between other benefits of such approach, if you use it for any sort of questionnaire, you can collect and store user's feedback which can be pretty intuitively given. This pattern can also positively effect machine learning as the system will know what to serve you more accurately.

Initially i was thinking on showcasing it on the example of Tinder but decided against it for ethnical issues it may have brought.

My process of creating this and my other works is covered here, so you are welcome to check it out.

This shot is a part of so called interaction library that has a few main purposes: - Quick access to the example of a generic interaction you can quickly share with your client to get a reference point on the table; - It’s easy to select and implement a behavior type that would be suitable for a particular project you work on, as i’ll try for them to serve a typical UX need; - I will as well try to cover the most interesting and non-standard approaches to explore relatively fresh behaviors so we all stay mainstreamed and aware; - I do love create nice and smooth interactions and so now i have a chance of doing that independently of the project i currently work on most of my time :)

P.s. Thanks for hitting "L" if you like it, this will tell me to keep designing more of it! And don't forget to rock that input field for comment right below ;)

Posted on Jan 15, 2017
Yaro Zubko
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