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Survey Product Concepts UI/UX

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Survey Product Concepts UI/UX user interface ux ui early product feedback minimal mockup concept product concept survey

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About few months ago I started working on one of the biggest redesigns for a survey tool at Cvent. Since I am working on redesign of the guest experience for the event tool, this was a natural place for me to marry the two experiences and bring the new theming system to work across two products for one team.
After sometime of researching, gathering feedback across the board, internally and externally, I started working on three different concepts for how survey taker will interact with refreshed and redesigned tool scheduled for the near future.

Here I am showing only little bits and pieces for these concepts, main one that I am moving forward with is not shown, but a lot of these parts are making into the final mockup stage. I will show more as I'm making first workable mockup.

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