Wyre - Global Bank Transfers Faster than Email

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Hello dribbble,

today I'm super excited to share with you what we were working on @Soulmates last month, just before the Christmas we designed, developed, illustrated and crushed an amazing project for our friends at @Wyre

Take a look at the live site:


I would love to personally thank @Sandra Brecka and @Jaromir Kveton for the love they put into this project as well as our secret developer that made this page blossom!

Thanks guys at Land-book for featuring us once again https://land-book.com/websites/2473-wyre-global-bank-transfers-faster-than-email

Entire branding was done by guys at https://dribbble.com/Ramotion


P.S. Thanks Rahul for animating this :) https://dribbble.com/rahulbhosale

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