Blue Jackets Score: January 8, 2017

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Game 39 / Check out the whole project here

Ever since the 2015-16 NHL rule changes involving Coach's Challenge we have seen our fair share of goals pushed forward as well as goals taken away. The battle against the Flyers seemed to optimize all the potential challenge scenarios. The first period was a lot of back and forth and ended scoreless. At one point the Flyers seemed to get a goal on the ice, but after the CBJ called it into review it was promptly taken away for questionable goalie interference. The second period was equally as tense until Savad rocketed one into the net from the left point. This goal was also challenged by the Flyers for review, but unfortunately for them it was still awarded to the Jackets. Que the final minutes of third period: Jackets up 1-0 after a long defensive game. Philadelphia goalie Steve Mason tries to get off the ice to make it 6-5 skaters, and he is stopped mid ice when the Jackets regain control of the puck. Tick down to the final seconds now, Mason is off the ice and the Flyers are throwing the puck at Bob. Nothing is sticking. Less than 17 seconds left and ugh, goal. It was just questionable enough that Toronto decided to review it themselves (without a challenge necessary because Toronto can do what they want). And…we are heading into overtime. Luckily Foligno and the line were able to steal the puck and breakaway for a 3 on 2 goal and win us the 2 points. We will take it.

Game Highlights:
-This is the second game in a row the opposition has come from behind to score in the last seconds of the game, literally 16 and 16.5 seconds
-We are still 1st in the Met division with a 3-point lead over the Pens and Rangers
-The first icing call of the game wasn’t made until roughly 26 minutes into the game
-It was Williams Karlsson’s birthday
-We have won nine straight against the Flyers at Nationwide since Dec. 27, 2008

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