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Tablelist: A Better Night Out

Book yourself into the most exclusive nightclubs and lounges in cities across the US, giving you "peace of mind" that you'll have a place to party. Like an OpenTable for clubbing, it lets you choose your location, type of experience, and beverages of choice. You can even use the app to split the bill with friends.

1. In this massive overhaul of the home screen, we integrated a carousel that focuses on the best nightlife deals, announcements, and product updates. 2. We focused a lot of efforts on trying to curate a lot of nightlife destinations by breaking up destinations based on music, club type, deals, sponsors and advertisers, and whatever the team thought was appropriate for the community. 3. We seamlessly integrated "Tablelist Pulse" into the feed which live-stream updates of everything happening on Tablelist. It's your crystal ball into the future; watch the crowd form hours before anyone goes out.

More screens to come!

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